Ostrov u Macochy

It is located at the border of lowland over a valley so it may seem like set on a hill. In front of the church, there is a crucifix and the statue of St. Jan Nepomucky from 1829. A matter of interest is also a windmill in Netherlandish style northwest from the town centre. It is one of the nicest windmills not only on Drahanska vysocina but in whole Czech Republic. The windmill exterior is preserved in the original shape without any renewing. The mill was probably built in 1865. The children’s medical institution with speleotheraphy belongs to the life of this town. It has served to children from Czech republic since the 1st January 1983. The schedule is concentrated to rehabilitation and fitness. Children are three hours a day in caves. In front of the church there is so-called Ostrovska propast, a gorge closed with bar. This magnificent natural scenery allures visitors for walking and cycling trips.

Information centre - Ostrov u Macochy 107, 679 14, tel.: +420-516 444 239, e-mail:

Ostrov u Macochy - windy millOstrov u Macochy - windy mill
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Abyss Macocha